Friday, August 19, 2011

Book 68: Silent Truth

Silent Truth (Bad Agency)

Silent Truth by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Diana Love was a decent book. I am not in love with it like I was with the last Sherrilyn Kenyon and Diana Love book.

Silent Truth is part of the BAD Agency Series (Bureau of American Defense Agency). The book focuses on Hunter Thornton-Payne III and Abbie Blanton as they deal with the death treats, health crisises and threats to national security.

Now for me this book required me to suspend reality a great deal and buy into another reality that has an intelligence agency that has a carte blanche check from the president to do anything without any oversight and no one knows about it. That was hard for me to do. The Congress would have to approve the budget or something. Their would be a money trail. Plus there is the Fratelli secret organization that has plants in and a breeding program which seems to be responsible for Hitler, crime, and yet they were all about researching the women. They had some crazy plans that didn’t make sense to me. In the end the biggest problem with the book was my ability to buy into their reality especially knowing nothing about the BAD agency.

The book is fairly fast paced in the action. It will just keep throwing in a wrench into the scheme of things. It was mostly a fast pace moving story where events made sense in their world. Although the cover made it sound like it would be a faster pace novel then it was.

I loved Hunter. He was one of those real hardass kind of hero but at the same time, you can tell deep down he’s a softie. Just the kind of guy I tend to fall for. The book really played off his different levels and showed he had as many flaws as he was an ideal guy. It made him real. This was the real win by Kenyon and Love. Their female lead, Abbie, was okay. There times she was awesome, intelligent and strong but other times she would be so naïve that it was unbelievable. I just wanted her to be less naïve to the danger around her since she was an investigative reporter. The other characters were strong and well written. I like Linette (the mole in the Fratelli who is feeding information to BAD).

The only one I didn’t fully get was the killer JC. While he was a pure sociopath trained to kill and would only do authorized kills. I still never got why target Abbie’s mom to begin with. I won’t spoil the relationship ties but in that story itself, I don’t think it worked. Plus I didn’t buy his place in the Fratelli. It was all just too convenient. In a way it felt like they wanted to tie up most of the loose ends all in one book.

The book was good read but it did have some weaknesses too. But I did enjoy Silent Truth. I would continue to read on in the BAD Agency series although I know that the other books aren’t as likely to focus on Hunter.

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