Thursday, August 11, 2011

Product 35: Ulta Aqua Dreams Shower Gel

Thanks to a workshop at one of my jobs, I got to try out the Ulta Aqua Dreams Shower Gel. It’s a very rich shower gel that can do wonders for a body that has dry skin but I’m unsure of the actual cleaning power underneath the ultra rich lather.

Ulta is a lot like Sephora. They cater in offering several different brands of cosmetics and bath & body products but they do have their own products that work well. Now I don’t really shop their much since I would have to go out of my way rather than shopping Schiller’s itself or going down to Sephora (which is very close to one job and down the street from the other); so it was fun to win this little prize at a workshop from a grab bag.

This shower gel has a scent that is rather synthetic smell that still smells clean and has a hint of the ocean or water. The smell is rather pleasant and relaxing. After I have a shower gels that have more natural based aromas, it was odd to go back to the manmade scent even though it’s fresh and clean smelling.

But the thing that sells the product is the richness in the lather and the bubbles it produces. It’s suds up in a rich way. It feels really nice to have such a creamy lather. The downside to the rich creamy lather is the way it washes off, it takes a lot of water to get rid of that film of soap. I’m not sure if I get it all especially in the morning. I never feel grimy but I don’t always feel like I’m polished clean either.

Oh one bad thing about this bottle is that it’s a leaker. I was offered to get another prize that day since the bottle was leaking but I wanted to try it. It’s not a bad leak. But did make some of the bling prizes a little sticky.

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