Friday, August 19, 2011

Product 37: Almay Makeup Remover Towelettes

Almay Makeup Remover Towelettes 25 towelettesIt’s never a good sign that I used 25 towelettes and never came up with a clear opinion about a product yet this is exactly what I thought of Almay Makeup Removing Towelettes. They were just okay but nothing to write home about since I didn’t really think they really did much at all for my skin.

Almay has made a name for itself for creating many hypoallergenic cosmetic products. It’s a line that is both affordable and ranges in its effectiveness. So I when I had a coupon for the an Almay product and I know I love cleansing wipes as an easy way to make the skin feel refreshed during a long work day, I figured why not.

I like the Almay wipes a lot more then I liked the Ponds wipes. But if you read the previous blog entry, you would know that I hated the Ponds wipes. So the Almay towelettes worked better just by the simple fact that it didn’t feel like it was leaving a film on my face.

At times, not all the time but definitely at times, they would have a weird aroma. It’s weird since it wasn’t consistent and would go away. But the aroma when it was present was off putting. It was like a baby wipe that wasn’t really fresh anymore. Then the next wipe would be completely odor free.

In a time when I’m breaking out a lot, I was hoping that by keeping my face clean, it would help the break outs. The Almay wipes did nothing to help keep the acne at bay. Now that could mean that my acne isn’t related to the oil on my face or the towelettes weren’t design for oil based makeups (since most hypoallergenic makeup will be mineral based not oil based).

I will not likely get the Almay wipes again. I just didn’t like them enough. I want to spend money on a cleansing cloth that I feel like does stuff for my skin and I have a feeling towards. Not that I used it and feel meh about it for over a month. I will have to say, this also proves to me that all make up removers and cleansing clothes are not equal. There is a huge difference between using an excellent one (like the collagen wipes from BR and Basis) or a poor one like Ponds and one that is just so-so like these Almay ones.

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