Monday, July 4, 2011

Book 56: Right Hand Magic

Right Hand Magic: A Novel of Golgotham
Right Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins was a book that had a magical atmosphere around it. I say that sincerely. The world of Golgotham was so spectacular with a feel of both old world charm and supernatural gritty edge. To place that in the middle of New York City was well slightly genius since you wouldn’t think about it. The rest of the book was solid although more of a fluff easy read.

The thing that captures you with Right Hand Magic is the setting. A small neighborhood of New York that is pretty much untouched with age since the eighteen hundreds. It was lively and fun. Plus to have the fact the entire neighborhood was nothing but supernatural characters were fun. Centaurs and Satyrs run the cab services since automobiles are banned. There are magicians and witches on every corner thanks to the high Kymeran population. There are even some ghouls and leprechauns.

Then the rest of the book just sort of follows. At times the plot can be a wee bit predictable with an villain who tells his secret plans, a love story (well two really but one is more just kitty love), and girl getting her footing in the way of life. But it was still a really enjoyable book. Halfway through the book, I went to search to see if there were more books about Golgotham (there isn’t yet but Left Hand Magic is in the works).

I also liked the characters. There is Tate, the human artist who moves into Hexe’s boarding house in Golgotham. Hexe is the friendly hunky hero of a land lord who shows the nump (human) around the neighborhood in between clients. Then there is Lukas, the were-cougar, who got kidnap by the magical mafia and force to fight until he escapes and nearly kills Tate. Lukas also becomes a tenant to the boarding house due to his wounds from the Malandanti and you can see his soul and how he’s just like most teens.

Right Hand Magic does have some great moments. Either she just puts in a word or two that just makes you go good word (snarky in one case) or good description. Plus this book reminded me of something. Were-cats aren’t the only things that purr when they are happy.
Overall, I really enjoyed the book. The atmosphere and the set up is what makes the book.

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