Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book 57: Discord's Apple

Discord's Apple

I just read a wonderful Carrie Vaughn book called Discord’s Apple. This book surprised me in so many different ways. But I loved the creativity that blended together Greek mythology with other fairy tales in a modern setting It was so well done that it didn’t feel bad.

I wasn’t expecting to get Discord’s Apple over Fourth of July Weekend. Instead I was planning on getting Carrie Vaughn’s new book, Kitty’s Big Trouble. But alas, my book store failed me with that book but pleasantly surprised me with Discord’s Apple in paperback. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to buying books, no hard cover books except in very rare occasions of ‘I have to have this’ or if priced at the same price of paper backs. When I first read the preview chapter in one of my Kitty books, I liked Discord’s Apple but I didn’t have to have it so I’ve been waiting.

This book was amazing in the end. I was just captured by it. The creativity. Plus it made me want to read the Aeneid and the Illiad. I really want to know Sinon’s journey. I know the events of the Trojan War but it’s always nice to actually read the events. Somehow, I read the Odessey a half dozen times but never read the prequel to it.

I absolutely loved the balance in this book. It was great to see how Miss Vaughn brought in Sinon, Hera, a Warehouse 13 vibe, King Arthur and Merlin, and set it into a militaristic future. In so many ways that’s a diverse elements to try and play together. But it works through the use of plot and flashbacks. The characterization was great. I connected with Evie as she tried to figure out everything including trying to trust Alex/Sinon since after all he is known as the liar throughout history.

The only thing that I am not sure I’m in love with was the ending. It was what I wanted in the end yet it fit in too well. It’s one of those rare things where you get everything you thought you wanted and yet you are deflated. But I don’t want to see the ending be changed in many ways since it was the happy ending. I guess it’s because it tied things up almost too neatly.

I adored this book. It was fun and educational. I couldn’t wait to see what was happening and loved the flashbacks (which ties together the timelines and hints into the different characters). It makes me want to read more too. What more can a girl ask for… I know another book involving Alex/Sinon and Evie.

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