Friday, July 15, 2011

Product 31: Smudgees

Smudgees Portable Single Serve Eye Makeup Smudge Removers - Great after a massage, workout or overnight stay!Smudgees is a great beauty secret any girl who wears eye make ups should have. Literally. It’s fantastic. They are little make up removers on a little stick. I’m glad that Schiller’s sells them.

Okay I will admit this product sampling took forever to write. But that’s due to my amazing Blinc eyeliner. Once it sets, I don’t get any smudge marks around my eyes. So the little touch-up stick for the eye makeup, just doesn’t get used all that often. And I wanted to be fair in the trial. So it took me a while.

But I love Smudgees. They are just that quick fix. They are all set to go. Just open, apply to the stray makeup and you look amazing again. Easy peasy. No need to have that smoky eye just falling apart and looking like what he cat dragged in.

Smudgees also has something going for it. Great packaging. They are so cute in their little packages in a demin print that say Smudgees on a brown faux leather mimicking a jean tag. It’s just adorable in a way. It’s simple but it could easily look awful.

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