Friday, July 15, 2011

Product 30: Eye Mask from Old Navy

One of my new favorite things is a slumber mask from Old Navy. To be honest, I always wanted one of them but I just never got around to getting one. But now that I used it once, I’m slightly addicted to it by grabbing it every morning.

For a birthday/Christmas gift from a very good friend, I finally got my elusive slumber mask in a great little travel set. So whenever I travel can have a pink fuzzy blanket, a slumber mask or have a little pillow; all of which can connect to my suitcase. Extremely convenient. Such an awesome gift.

Traveling via Megabus overnight meant I needed a sure-fire way to sleep. For me it meant the fuzzy blanket, my bears grasped in my hand under the blanket and the slumber mask. It was actually really great. I could shut out the world and get comfy in the seat. And I got a decent night’s sleep.

But the mask didn’t end up being just for travel. Unfortunately for me, I had a nasty bug that forced me to get some rest after work. With it being summer hours and I’m not a fan of sleeping during the early afternoon, the slumber mask was a way for me to fool my head into thinking it was nap time. So I could get a ton of extra sleep that I needed to help my body. Yay to the sleeping mask to rescue!

For some reason lately I keep waking up about two hours before my alarm. So as I just grab my sleeping mask and I can instantly fall back to sleep until my alarms (yes plural since I’m paranoid about over sleeping) wake me up. I’ve enjoyed just grabbing it.

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