Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product 32: Ponds Cleansing Clothes

Ponds Orginal Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 30-Count (Pack of 4)
In my product trials, Ponds Cleansing Cloths are hands down the worst product I’ve sampled thus far. I hated them big time.

Extreme Couponers confuse me so much. I just don’t get why you would stock pile products you never tried just because you have a coupon and they were on sale. Now I do use coupons and I will combine my coupons with sales so I can get the best deal possible. When I saw the Ponds Cleansing Cloths coupons, I decided to cut out a couple coupons for them. Thankfully it was only two coupons, and I don’t have a stockpile of products I hate. Instead it’s less then 60 cloths all together.

When I clipped out the multiple coupons, I figured what that the cleansing cloths would be like the other three brands I’ve used: BR Collagen wipes, Basis Wipes and Lemon-Lime Handi-Wipes. Those three brands worked very similarly where I feel clean and refreshed after using them and they would remove the oil slicks from my face.

Opening up the Morning Fresh cloths, I thought great since I could see that they had some exfoliating beads. If only that excitement would have lasted. Instead I actually used them.

After pulling out the first cloth, I realized I wasn’t a complete fan of the way it smelled. But I figured it can’t be that bad. I just have to get past it. Plus I figured it was just the Morning Fresh scent, that the regular cloths would be fine. But that wasn’t the case. The other ones also had an off putting aroma for me. If it was a true citrus smell, I would have been in love but there was something a bit medicinal about it.

My biggest problem with both the regular Ponds Cleansing Clothes and the Morning Fresh flavor was the fact they didn’t really clean my face. Instead I could feel a layer of something actually being deposited on my skin. That is NOT what I wanted when I have acne problems. That will only increase them. Which after a couple days of use, I did break out more.

It really got to be a battle of every time I used a cloth, I went “Gosh I really hate using this.” This is not the way you want to do a beauty regime. You should love using the products. They should make you feel pretty and clean. If they don’t you shouldn’t use them. But I have basically a full packet left of clothes left. I force myself to use them so I didn’t waste my money.

So for those couponers out there, make sure you know you love the product before you buy too much of it. I’m all for the deal. But I definitely got stuck with too many Ponds cloths thinking that all cleansing clothes would be about equal. This is not a product I would recommend.


  1. I have used some of those wipes, and I think my favorite ones stopped being manufactured. I think it was the Neutrogena ones, and they made my skin feel wonderful especially when I got home from a hot day and needed to wash my face, but didn't feel like breaking out the cleanser. Hopefully the next beauty product will be worth it.

  2. Thanks for reading. I will have to try the Neutrogena ones next since I know Schiller's just got them in the othe day.

    I'm just glad that so far this is the only product I've hated thus far. And my next few beauty products have been fun, feminine and relaxing