Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product 33: Pre de Provence Vanilla Sandalwood Bubble Bath

Pre de Provence Bubble Bath, Vanilla/Sandalwood, 8 ounces Bottle
It’s weird, I never blogged about the Pre de Provence Bubble Bath in the Vanilla Sandalwood scent even though the bottle is halfway used. I guess I kept meaning to do it but I put it off and after a while I thought I already blogged about the product. But I guess that comes with how the bubble bath makes me feel overall. It’s not bad but it’s not a stand out product.

I love the way the Pre de Provence bubble bath smells. It’s a sophisticated smell where the sandalwood is perfectly balanced by the vanilla. It’s something that’s just pleasurable in the evening since it’s so relaxing but it’s not overwhelming to the senses. So you could just chill out for the evening.

Now the most important part of a bubble bath is the way it foams. The first bath I was severely disappointed. But then I learned to put the liquid extremely close to the running water just like you do with a normal shower gel. After the first two baths, I was finally getting those bubbles that I craved.

It’s weird, I didn’t notice a vast improvement between the bubbles from the Pre de Provence Shower gel and the bubble bath. I’m glad they are exactly the same price. I’m just wishing that there was more difference between the shower gel and the bubble bath other than the bubble bath doesn’t work super well in the shower.

Overall, it’s a good product. It’s something that is relaxing and works well as long as you place it underneath the spout. I enjoy it and in a short period I’ve used up over half the bottle. It was another fun by from Schiller’s.

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