Friday, July 15, 2011

Book 59: Bone Gods

Bone Gods (Black London)My trend of reading great books that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next has ended. I was severely disappointed in Bone Gods by CaitlinKittredge. More then disappointed. I hated the book with a passion.

To borrow a critique from my favorite author, Dorothy Parker: “It is second only to a rubber duck as an ideal bathtub companion. It may be held in the hand without causing muscular fatigue or nerve strain, it may be neatly balanced back of the faucets, and it may be read through before the water has cooled. And if it slips down the drain pipe, all right, it slips down the drain pipe.” Now I will take this idea a tad further, there was times I wanted to drown the book and turn it back into pulp. I haven’t had this kind of reaction to a book in a really long time.

But there is so little that I actually enjoyed. The characters and the interactions with each other was awful. There were times I swear they were talking to themselves. It didn’t matter their so called friends were sitting/talking next to them. They just responded with whatever. The “We need to go” fails when Pete finally gives an moment where you go ‘aww she’s not just a raging psychopath with a bad attitude who could burst into tears over her dead boyfriend by opening up with her dad.’
As I mentioned Pete has a major bad attitude and swears more then anything I’ve ever seen. I’m rather European when it comes to swearing. Most of the time it doesn’t faze me because it can be a great descriptor especially four letter words starting with s and f. But to steal another gem from Dorothy Parker “obscenity is too valuable a commodity to chuck around all over the place; it should be taken out of the safe on special occasions only.” This is definitely true of cunt but Bone Gods used it on practically every page. I wish I was exaggerating but it was completely over used and used in sentences where it just didn’t’ make sense.

I hate how easily I bought into the book cover. If I would have gotten that story, then I would have enjuoyed the book more. Instead the first third of the book was sheer torture. I would hardly call two deaths and a religious organization trying to talk people out of being involved in the magic world a series of witchtrials. It was more of a bad set for the other part of the book that was advertising the returning “different” boyfriend that Pete has to deal with and necromancers. It was awful to read about how Jack was different but it was only described as that. Not why he was different. Just that he wasn’t normal until the end when he turned on Pete in a way.

All in all, I hated this book. I really forced myself to finish this book. But on the plus side, it did get me to start rereading The Portable Dorothy Parker. So soon you will see why I love Dorothy Parker.

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