Tuesday, February 15, 2011

11 Products, 11 Books, 14 Letters down and 320 days left.

Product 10: BR Collagen Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues

In a very recent order at Schiller's, we got the BR Collagen Cleansing clothes. I will have to admit I've been tempted by the BR cleansing clothes in the past but the two other flavors we carry never appealed to me (cucumber and green tea) but there was something about the collagen ones telling me that I should spend the $5 on them.

I will admit I've been really skeptical about the collagen bit about the clothes. I've just thought it was a gimmick by beauty product. Kinda like caffeinated soap to help energize the skin, great in theory but since you aren't ingesting/injecting there will be no actually improvement. Now after using them for two weeks, I'm convinced it's not a gimmick.

So my skin is more then a wee bit oily, especially since my dermatologist stinks and won't give me a new medicine that won't make me sick. Plus I've got a good amount of red tone anymore to my skin. Not exactly pristine skin. But since using these collagen cleansing clothes, there has been a noticeable improvement to my skin. The redness has seemed to dissipated and more importantly the oil is under control. So major win there.

Plus I really like the scent to these cloths. It's basic and clean and it lasts. When I first used them, I noticed it for a while. But since then the smell isn't that noticable. But my face does feel clean.

For $5, these cloths are great!!!! Especially since they are really improving my skin tone especially when paired with my favorite derma-e products (to be shared with another day, still testing that).

Product 11: The Laundress Sport Spray

So now the Laundress Sport Spray was from a recent raid of the 50% off rack at Schillers. I figured for $5, it would be a great little purchase especially with my habit of being a workaholic and a bit of a hockey player. A little spray to help cut down on the sport ick wouldn't be a bad thing. So far it's worked out great.

Basically, this is just a different form of Febreeze. But this is nicer then Febreeze in two important ways: portability and smell. The Sport Spray can actually fit in my pocket. So guess who can spritz her clothes in between two work shifts. While it's just over the TSA approved travel size, it's still in a really convenient size. Plus I love the way it makes things smell- just like fresh starched laundry. It just smells clean and with no hassle at all. I've always love the smell of spray starch but hated to do laundry. Now with the sport spray I get the best of both worlds. So YAY!!!!

Now other business

So I'm playing with the format of my blog. I'm curious what people like more. This way of doing it when I'm putting multiple entries up or if was better before.

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