Thursday, February 10, 2011

Product 8: Japanese Caramel

I'm almost dubbing it the unknown candy. It's crazy. Over 6 people have tried this candy. We all agree it's yummy but it has this fruity flavor that none of us can place. It's crazy. Especially when we have a couple foodies who love to try new flavors trying the candy and no one knows what that additional flavor really is.

So one of the things I love about Pittsburgh are their Asian grocery stores. I love going into a market and just finding great food that I only kinda know what I'm getting. But entering them are so much easier now that the translation on the package is in English rather then Danish but they only translate a little bit. On a recent trip to Tokyo Market, I bought some Japanese Caramels.

I opened up the caramels knowing I had a sweet treat but that was about it. I wasn't expecting to see the candy be pink color. So it was a little bit of an 'okay that's a little strange but let's go with it' type moment. Then I took a bite. It's so tasty. There is a fruity almost cotton candy like aspect to it but I can't place it in addition to the caramel flavor. But it's a fun caramel. Love the texture (even after it kinda froze being in the back room of work).

So I will have to recommend this unknown candy if you like caramels.

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