Sunday, February 27, 2011

Product 13: Sandia Soap

Thanks to a dear family friend, I was able to get some of the Sandia Soap for my birthday. I’ve had a nice selection of three different bars (Sangre de Cristo Sunset, Taos Sauna, and Jemez Morning). Each soap has a nice aroma to it which is very distinct but at the same time, I couldn’t fully place it. But these soap bars are beautiful in color and harken the scenery of the Sandia Mountains (i.e. the beautiful mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico) which remind me of visiting that family friend.

So I figured for my body soap, instead of a shower gel, I would use the Sandia soap. Unlike the soap from work, I didn’t know the ins and outs of the soap. I literally picked my first bar by which one looked prettiest and smelled prettiest. So I decided to use the Sangre de Cristo Sunset.

The bar was a little hard to use since it was hard to grip. More than once, the bar slipped and would fall on my body. I’m just glad I didn’t bruise from the soap. But I liked the way it felt on the skin. But I never fully enjoyed the feel of a bar against my skin. It never fully felt clean to me since I didn’t have that exfoliation factor that I get in my mesh shower poof.

A while back, I got a soap sack from Schillers. Basically it allows those who love soap bars but a person who loves the exfoliation from a mesh sponge. So after a few days, I decided to put the Sangre de Cristo Sunset in the soap sack. Ironically it actually made the soap easier to hold. I don’t know how that happened since the mesh made it even wider for my hands but I guess it’s because it allows me to grip it better.

This is when I really started to enjoy the soap.

Before blogging about this entry, I decided to check out some of the information about the soap besides the label-that it was a vegetable based soap. So I went to the website.. But to my pleasure, I could figure out what the scents are. Sangre de Cristo had Geranium Egyptian Rose scent, Taos Sauna had eucalyptus scent and the Jemez Morning with the pine scent.

I definitely enjoy this soap for my daily cleansing.

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