Sunday, February 6, 2011

Product 5: Barielle Shades Monique Jet

Since I wasn't in love with the Milan nail color, I decided to try out the other nail polish I got from the Schiller's discount basket- Shades Monique Jet Nail Polish. It's a strong shiny black nail polish. It was great in my terms of comfort.

Colorwise I love the Monique Jet. It's strong yet completely neutral with my clothing. It was a great deep black. It wasn't like some other black nail polish,where I had to apply several coats to get that deep true black nail lacquer. Plus I wasn't looking at the nails thinking how that color looks strange on my nails. I know black or even dark purple nails aren't for everyone but I like them.

But I was disappointed in the Shades nail polish. It didn't go on as well as I would have liked and it took a long time to dry. Since both OPI and the Nailtiques dried pretty quickly, I wasn't anticipating it to take so long to dry and got some imperfections in the shine. Additionally it didn't really adhere to my nails like it should have. Instead it kinda bubbled up.

Some chips after a few days of wear. Most of them seemed to occur in the first day of wear.

In the end, I probably won't recommend this product unless someone is looking for a nice black nail polish. For a black nail polish, it's the best color I've seen but the way it went on really disappointed me.

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