Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book 14: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny by Keith R. A. DeCandido was the latest book in my Star Trek book binge in this year. So if you followed my non-linear approach to the Star Trek books, this book occurs after the Destiny series but before the Typhon Pact. This is the book I’ve been looking for since reading Zero Sum Game- the explanation to the Star Trek political shake up. This is where the unholy (or holy union if you are part of the Kinshaya empire) alliance of races that are against and surrounding the Federation and Klingon Empires finally develops. So I’ve been waiting for this book.

Unfortunately part of me was largely let down. It was only an okay book. For a book that I was so eagerly awaiting in two different ways: first because it was to explain the political shake up and secondly it was to be a book featuring the Aventine (my new favorite ship since it has Capt Ezri Dax).

This book had a few real gem moments. I loved loved the scene where you see Drex and Martok sit and have dinner. It was a great use of one of my favorite Klingons and really getting the dialogue and his mannerisms dead on. Then at the end of the chapter Drex was killed. It was such a let down since I really enjoyed seeing how Drex grew up from his appearance on the DS9 series. But all the scenes with Martok was amazing.

Now the scenes that featured Dax. There was some great moments and other times where Dax was a little duller. Plus the Ezri featured in Destiny and Zero Sum Game was so powerful and great, that it’s understandable that a different author couldn’t capture all of that power in the same way.

My biggest problem with the book was that it never hooked me and could be a bit slow. Nothing definitive that I can point out as being overtly bad. Basically it wasn’t my favorite Star Trek writer.

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