Thursday, February 10, 2011

Product 9: Essie Bahama Mama

So my search for a spring nail polish continues on... This time I tried the Essie Bahama Mama color. It's a shade of plum. As a friend of mine described it, it's both conservative and bold all at same time.

After testing this color, I have admit it's the closest to the one I like. It's a shade that doesn't distract me and it's kinda pretty. It's a little dareker I want to say

Plus it has stayed on really well. For the most part, it doesn't really chip despite working a lot. It's not often that you can say after nearly 5 days of 8-12 hour shifts with most nail polishes. So that was a huge plus to see that it stayed on really well.

My biggest problem with the nail polish is the application. It made me realize that OPI has totally spoiled me. OPI is so easy to apply and touch up. This polish has a few flaws based in application. It was a little tricky to get that flawless finish (probably because I'm not patient enough to let it set and to get an even tone through out the nail). The paint didnt evenly spread and seemed to get a little bit of marking on them.

But I'm pleased with this nail polish. I love how it hasn't actually chipped and the color is nice enough.

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