Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book 8: Club Dead

So I took a slight break from the heavy Star Trek readying by going to one of my other favorite genres. This time I read Club Dead by Charlaine Harris. Yes, I’m still catching up on the True Blood Series.

This one I’ve really enjoyed. Actually more then the first True Blood book that I picked up. It was a fun easy read. I can see why so many people are addicted to the HBO series.

Club Dead was entertaining. Sookie got to meet Alcide (a werewolf) who creates a fun dynamic to the whole supernatural world. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they have a great dynamic together even though they are both in a spot where they shouldn’t mess with relationships since it’s basically rebound central.

But my favorite character addition from the last book was probably Bubba. He was so much fun. Okay a little dense and I’m not sure if the real person was that way. But he was so sweet. He meant well and always seemed to pop up at the right moment.

This was yet another great fun read in the supernatural section.

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